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- Rebecca Jackson, Founder -
Text me today to start your fitness journey
- Rebecca Jackson, Founder -
Text me today to start your fitness journey
- Rebecca Jackson, Founder -
Fitness is for life, start building now.
The Build it For Life Approach
Let's build healthy habits together. Build it for Life® is a company that wants to help you reach your health and fitness goals. How can I make exercise a part of my everyday life? Am I eating the right foods to fuel my day? How can I find more energy? Build it for Life® is here to help you find the answers to some of these questions. With the help and devotion of founder, Rebecca Jackson, our goal is to help you reach your goals; to make healthy lifestyle decisions that will stick with you. Where are we located? Build it for Life wants to make exercise convenient for you. Therefore, we enjoy taking clients to their favorite parks, or even working out in the comfort of their own home.
Be as you wish to seem.

Rebecca has tons of food secrets that she is just dying to share! The right food can really energize and fuel a person's day. We would love to help you find those foods for your body.
Rebecca believes in a holistic approach to health, however you need her support, she is there.
Exercise is vital to life. It helps us both mentally and physically. We know how to make you sweat and are available for around-the-clock encouragement during solo workouts too. We're here to help you become addicted to the most healthy habit ever….exercise!
The Build It For Life Mission
Results from within.
Build it for Life was founded on, and continues to follow, the principle that a healthy, active lifestyle and proper nutrition enhances and significantly improves all aspects of our day-to-day experiences. Our training focuses on the individual with the end result of self-satisfaction, self-confidence, and the ability to deal with the trials and travails that we will inevitably encounter in our lives. We work collaboratively with our clients to establish specific and measurable results and provide the necessary tools to achieve those results.
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